Profiles of athletes supported by HMS

Daniel Poniedziałek

Where does Daniel come from?

Daniel Poniedziałek is a personal trainer and a body builder. He works mainly in Bytom and Silesia. Although he is a young man born in 1994, he is already a titled contestant. Bodybuilding is his passion. He has already participated in a large number of competitions. Currently Daniel Poniedziałek has the tittle of World Champion and European Champion.

Important start-FBB

One of Daniel’s biggest challenges was IFBB European Championships. He was preparing for the performance with great commitment as the goal was not only to take the highest position but also to gain experience in the context of future competitions. The preparatory period was a demanding time – Daniel combined a full-time job as a personal trainer in one of Bytom’s gyms with his own training in Zabrze. Preparation required a lot of time and energy and good organization. When it comes to task management, Daniel is a perfectionist so organizing his schedule was not much of a problem. However, starting at the Spanish IFBB competition required „above-standard” funding, so HMS Fitness team was glad to support Daniel to comfortably complete the trip. In Santa Susanna it turned out that the competition is going to be very strong – the biggest rivals in addition to the Spaniards themselves (traditionally) turned out to be the Russian team – strong and numerous. For Daniel, standing up with the titled competitors was a new experience. There was stress and adrenaline – competing against players in their own country and competing with the best in Europe are two different things. Either way Daniel won gold in his category. All supporters at HMS, in Bytom and throughout Poland expressed their pride in Daniel, which is clearly seen on Daniel’s Facebook and Instagram.

Below: The final of the bodybuilding competition – IFBB in the Spanish town of Santa Susanna.

IFBB Competition in Santa Susanna - gold by Daniel Monday

Below: Go Active Show 2019

Achievements and titles

His recent successes are:

– 1st place at IFFB in Spain, up to 100 kg category, Santa Susanna, 05/04/2019
– 2nd place – „Hercules” competition, category „Bodybuilding without limits”, Poland – Kunice 11/05/2019
– 3rd place – 'Slodkiewicz Classic’ competition, up to 100 kg category, Poland – Poznań 4/27/2019.
2nd place – Diamond Cup Warsaw 2018, bodybuilding category 90 kg
1st place – Diamond Cup Roma 2017, junior open category
1st place – Polish Junior Frost Championship 2017, category over 75kg
1st place – Diamond Cup Katowice 2017, junior category over 75kg
1st place – Strzegom Stone Sculpture 2017, junior category over 75kg
3rd place – Polish Grand Prix Warsaw 2017, senior category up to 90kg
4th place – EVLS prague Showdown 2017, kat junior open
4th place – Strzegom Stone Sculpture 2017, senior class up to 90kg

Daniel is the ambassador of HMS Fitness, Bad Ass Nutrition and Gorilla Wear brands.

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Michał Sowa

Michał Sowa is the winner of the European Cup and the Polish Championships. However, his greatest achievement is the title of World Champion won in the Traditional Karate competition that took place in Canada. Michał presented a sensational, equal level. He won all his duels ahead of time.Currently Michał Sowa has the tittle of World Champion and European Champion.

Michał Sowa:

  • He comes from Silesia, trains in Bytom Traditional Karate Club M.U.K.S IPPON.
  • He has has a level 2 DAN with a black belt marking, which means that he has undergone a minimum of 200 trainings, can individually strengthen his techniques and action.

2019 wins:

  • VIII Fudokan Karate World Championship (Germany, Sindelfingen):
    • 1st place kumite individual
    • 1st place kumite senior teamw
  • XXXIV European Traditional Karate Championships (Czech Republic, Brno):
    • 1stplace in fuku-go (double)
    • 1st place in hangman
    • 1st place in team kumite
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Aleksandra Ostrowska

Aleksandra Ostrowska is a very talented Polish athlete. She specializes in javelin throwing, and it is in this area that she has achieved considerable success, despite her young age.

Her life record is 56.24 m. She set it on July 19, 2015 in the Swedish city of Eskilstuna at the European Junior Championships, where she won the bronze medal. Aleksandra was the fifth athlete of the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing in 2014. She stood on the podium of the nationwide youth Olympics. She is a medalist of the Cadets and Junior Polish Championships.

Below: Aleksandra Ostrowska at the U23 athletics competition – Lublin 2019

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Łukasz Czapla

ŁŁukasz Czapla is a Polish sports shooter. He is one of the most successful athletes in the history of this discipline in Poland. He specializes in shooting at a moving target. In his professional career he was associated with three clubs: WKS Wawel Kraków 1998-2002, KSS Hejnał Kraków 2002-2003, ZKS Gwardia Zielona Góra 2003-2008, and since 2008 he returned to WKSelaw Wawel Kraków. He became the three-time World Champion Zagreb 2006, the World Champion Plizno 2008, the World Champion and the Vice Champion of Stockholm 2012, the two-time World Champion Grenada 2014, the five-time European Champion Zagreb 2001, Deauville 2007, Grenada 2007, Moscow 2014, Winterthur 2008.
Łukasz Czapla Złoto 2019 In 2002 he became the Lahti World Junior Champion 2002. At the European Junior Championships in Zagreb 2001 he won the gold and silver medals in a team. These are just some of his achievements. His sporting achievements are definitely larger and will undoubtedly grow with new podiums. It is worth adding that Łukasz became the world record holder: Zagreb 2006: 391 points – a movable 10m mix shield and was the multiple record holder of Poland. By his passion for sport, he willingly helps others. On August 1, 2015, together with his colleagues Krzysztof Sikora, Mateusz Czyż and Marcin Rudnicki, he made a rode from Kraków to Paris in 10 days, in aid for sick children. In 2015, he founded the Race for Hope Foundation.


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