Find a few new products in the HMS catalog


See amazing HMS brand novelties designed to enhance you struggle for an ideal figure!

Some novelties are: HHW01, HHW06 and HHW09 HMS. These are adjustable hula-hoops with tabs and a gravity fitness ball. They enable training and 360-degree waist massage at the same time. They perfectly strengthen and improve flexibility of the muscle girdle. Thanks to adjustable circumference HHW models never fall down during a workout. Hence, cardio training shall be long and enjoyable and this ensures even faster and better results!


  • Slim waist
  • Flat belly
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Shapely arms
  • Firm thighs and glutes
  • Better blood flow
  • Improved posture

In turn, the PRP01 HMS and PRP02 HMS are adjustable devices designed for stretching the back and strengthening postural muscles. They are a great solution both for people active in the field of sport and for all those who complain of chronic back pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

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  • HHW01
  • HHW06
  • HHW09
  • PRP01
  • PRP02