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Sport equals health

There is no doubt that recreational sport equals health. Despite this obvious truth, it is often very hard to find the necessary motivation to exercise. Our goal is to convince you that it is never too late to take up physical activity, and it won’t be long before you see the first positive effects.

When is a good time

to start?

Good health and fitness is often a result of many years of hard work and self-discipline. Consequently, indisposition and some illnesses may result from the lack of physical activity. The bottom line is – the sooner you begin, the longer the effects are going to last, even if you experience certain decrease of motivation after some time. In addition, the development of knowledge regarding the influence of physical exercises on body health, together with confirmed results of certain training programs make it much easier to find the best form of activity for yourself. How should the question be answered?

Children should be encouraged to take up physical activity from their earliest years, especially by arousing their interest in specific sports. For the rest of you the answer is: start now, but with small steps, gradually increasing the intensity. Remember that constant dropping wears away a stone!

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Obesity can be fought

without medication

Obesity is a common disease that affects millions of people around the world. It is defined as excess of body fat mass with BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 or greater. Sedentary lifestyle, stress and wrong eating habits have led to a 20% obesity rate among adults in Poland. This number is constantly increasing.

Unlike other diseases, obesity does not cause direct onerous or disturbing symptoms and for this reason is often ignored. Additionally, its genetic and psychological background makes it very difficult to break old habits, which are its primary causes. In order to implement permanent changes to your lifestyle, it is necessary to redefine your identity first with the help of a professional – doctor, psychologist, dietitian, personal trainer or physiotherapist. In this way, you can care about our health and improve your self-esteem. Additionally, combining a healthy diet with proper workout will help you burn the excess body fat. It is worth considering to hire a personal trainer who will advise the most suitable workout and boost your motivation. With such comprehensive approach you will have greater chances of success. We keep our fingers crossed!

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Why should you do it?

Although weight loss is naturally the most apparent result to think of, regular exercise brings many other benefits. It leads to improvement of lung capacity, health and the quality of life in general. Regular training lowers the probability of cardiovascular disorders (including high blood pressure), osteoporosis, and – what seems much less obvious – Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s Disease.

Despite many years of research, we still don’t have an effective cure for them, but we are aware of the correlated risk factors. One of them is lack of physical activity; which is believed to be the key factor contributing to many diseases. Implementing regular activity in your life is therefore a way to enjoy fitness and good frame of mind until your senior years – not only for yourself but also for the sake of your family and friends.

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