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H1742 HMS

H1742 HMS PREMIUM – magnetic elliptical trainer with a generator. Elliptical trainer by HMS PREMIUM is equipped with loudspeakers and a vent. It also has its own power generator, thanks to which the machine can be used without connection to external feeding – we make it move with our muscle power.

Elliptical machine H1742 HMS PREMIUM comes with an internal magnetic braking system. In practice, it means that magnets are responsible for stopping the wheel. A built-in computer allows us to control the load – the engine moves the arm with magnets closer or further away from the flywheel to reduce or increase the load on the machine.

The user can also rely on a big computer, helping him/her to set all parametres during the workout, such as the training time, destination or load. The machine offers 12 built-in workout programmes and a manual mode. Another function of the elliptical trainer H1742 PREMIUM is measurement of fat tissue – Body Fat, and verification of organism capacity – Recovery.

A computer in H1742 PREMNIUM offers possible adjustment of height and location, which translates into comfort of use. Additionally, adjustment of the step inclination is also possible. As many as 5 levels mean that the user can adapt the difficulty degree to their workout.

The elliptical trainer is also equipped with touch sensors, mini Jack socket as well as a holder for water bottle.

Elliptical machine H1742 PREMIUM is a Semi Commercial class machine.


  • Braking system: internal magnetic
  • Resistance adjustment: automatic
  • Resistance adjustment range: 32 degrees
  • Non-slip, wide pedals (150 mm)
  • Bottle cage
  • Transport rollers
  • Pulse measurement: touch sensors
  • Computer features:
    • Measurement: time, speed, distance, pulse, power, calories burned, rpm
      body fat (measurement of body fat), recovery (heart rate test)
    • Training programs:
      • MANUAL (user mode)
      • BEGINNER (4 levels)
      • ADVANCE (4 levels)
      • SPORTS (4 levels)
      • CARDIO


  • Product dimensions:
    • length: 1720 mm
    • width: 650 mm
    • height: 1750 mm
  • Step height adjustment: 5 levels
  • Flywheel: 9 kg
  • Mini jack
  • Power supply: 230V
  • Product weight: 76.5 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 180 kg