H1833i HMS H1833i HMS

H1833-i HMS

H1833i HMS is a high quality elliptical. Its braking system is controlled by an electromagnet, which generates a field with more or less power. As a result, the scale of resistance as well as the speed of our perceiving the change is much larger than other devices of this type.

This is not the end! This model features no moving parts in the braking system, the same device is less susceptible to damage. HMS Premium product is characterized by the highest quality, functionality and range of amenities.

The equipment allows control your computer by using special keys that have been placed on poles. Functional and high-tech display collects and presents all important parameters of your workout.

Equipment has 10 functions. Such as: Time (exercise time), Distance (distance traveled) Calories (calories burned), Pulse (pulse), Watt (power), Speed ​​(speed) RPM (speed), Manual mode (training manual), Cardio (exercise to accelerate the work of the heart), and program ( 12 basic programs ). They are: 4 levels beginner, advanced 4 levels, 4 levels of sports. Total of all programs is 18.

Magnetic Elliptical is equipped with a innovative computer with possiblity to connect your phone or tablet running on Android or iOS. This provides the user access to free applications DelighTech Fitness APP. Software collects all necessary data relating to the training and provide a unique experience with Google Maps.

The application not only collect all the necessary data on training – also provides the unique experience thanks to Google maps! Hong Kong, New York, Barcelona, ​​and perhaps Côte d’Azur? Only the user’s preference depends on the choice of location. For the realism of virtual travel corresponds to the Google Street View that displays the image of the selected location from the street level.

With magnetic drag system , exercises are quiet – the same do not interfere with other people around you. In turn, the Electronic load regulation allows you to change settings without taking away from your workout.

Equipment has a wide (120 mm), anti-slip steps (pedals) and vertical and horizontal adjustment of stride length , which ensures comfort even for tall users. treads are 3 variants of regulation. In order to ensure maximum safety of all the handles are coated with a special non-slip material.

Elliptical has also been equipped with technology Bluetooth, touch sensors for precise measurement of pulse and USB.


  • Braking System: electromagnetic
  • Tension adjustment: automatic
  • 16-levels of adjustment
  • Bi-directional wheel rotation
  • Non-slip and wide pedals- width 12 cm
  • Transport wheels
  • Pulse measurement: touch sensors, telemetry belt (not included)
  • Computer functions:
    • free app iConsole+, tested devices:
      • Samsung Galaxy 10.1, Samsung Galaxy Tab2, Samsung Galaxy Tab3,
        Asus MeMo Pad 10, Asus Tf101
      • iPad4, iPad3, iPad2, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPhone4s, iPhone5, iPhone5s, iPhone6
    • time, speed, distance, pulse, calories, rpm, body fat, recovery
    • Total training programs: 19
    • training programs:
      • MANUAL
      • BEGINNER (4 levels)
      • ADVANCE (4 levels)
      • SPORTY (4 levels)
      • CARDIO (55%, 75%, 90%, TAG)
      • WATT

Technical data

  • Assembled dimensions:
    • length: 1450 mm
    • width: 620 mm
    • height: 1550 mm
  • Step length: 392 mm (adjustable)
  • Height of the bars (arms) adjustment:
    • 3 levels of regulation
    • distance at 45 mm
  • Pedals regulation :
    • 3 levels of regulation
    • distance at 30 mm
  • Flywheel: 10 kg
  • Bluetooth
  • USB port (to charging devices)
  • Power supply: 230V
  • Weight: 51 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 150 kg