H8890 HMS

H8890 HMS is a spinning cross-trainer, designed for home use. From standard models it differs mainly by its design. It is similar to a spinbike construction. A large flywheel with a direct transmission is a characteristic feature of this model.

Range of a leg movement in H8890 is shorter compared to standard cross-trainers. In classic models the motion path is an ellipse, while in this case the path is a circle. This solution makes the training more like climbing stairs, it is also much faster. It is perfect for interval training and thus, for sure it will have its fans among crossfitters.

The machine is equipped with a computer with an LCD display, which counts and displays all necessary parameters during a workout. Additionally, this model has been equipped with a holder for a mobile device, so during a workout a user can easily use e.g. a tablet.

H8890 is a solid construction made of the highest quality materials. At the same time it does not require much space. Such a solution enables training even in a small space.

Training on a cross-trainer enables burning of the unnecessary fat tissue and it improves cardiovascular respiratory capacity. Moreover, during a workout a user reduces level of the cortisol in the blood, which is a stress hormone and produces a large dose of serotonin, which is a happiness hormone. To put it simply, thanks to regular workouts our mood grows up significantly.


  • Class: H
  • Resistance: magnetic, external
  • Resistance adjustment: manual
  • Resistance adjustment levels: 1-8
  • Weight of the flywheel (kg): 8
  • Computer (measurements)
    • Time: yes
    • Distance: yes
    • Speed: yes
    • Pulse: yes
    • SCAN: yes
    • Calories: yes
    • ODO: yes
    • Additional equipment:
      • Pulse sensors: yes
      • Place for a mobile device: yes
      • Leveling feet: yes
    • Dimensions of the cross-trainer (unfolded):
      • Length (mm): 1020
      • Width (mm): 685
      • Height (mm): 1580
    • Power: batteries
    • Product weight (kg): 35
    • Max. user weight: 120 kg