HP6513 HMS

The world of fitness knows many types of elliptical trainers. Apart from magnetic and mechanical ones, there is one more model which is barely known but which is included in the offer of HMS. It is an air elliptical trainer.

We would like to present to you elliptical trainer HP6513 HMS with air drag. This innovative equipment is an alternative to magnetic and mechanical models which are slowly leaving the stage. Model HP6513 comes with a special ventilator. Thanks to the vent, the drag during exercise comes only from the air.

We adjust the intensity of our workout by ourselves, practically automatically, since the drag depends on the speed of our training. When we speed up, the drag becomes stronger automatically. Thanks to it, we will easily complete endurance training and even interval workout. Easy in use computer installed in the elliptical trainer displays the most important parametres necessary for the workout, among others the pulse which can be measured with the use of touch sensors located in the handles. Additionally, there is a place by the computer, which will safely accommodate our phone or tablet if we want to use them while training.

HP6513 is made of top quality materials. Each detail has been analysed and flawlessly manufactured. Thanks to its extremely durable build, the machine is very stable and safe. We will not experience any lack of balance even during very intensive workout. Bars with height adjustment are covered with soft, ergonomic sponge for even greater comfort. Moreover, the decks of the elliptical trainer are designed in such way that we do not need to worry that we might slip down during workout. Transport wheels installed on the front base allow for easy transfer of the equipment.

HP6513 is a perfect option for those who love their workout to be executed in a perfect manner.


  • Dimensions: 1110x650x1630 mm
  • Net weight: 27 kg, gross 30 kg
  • Maximum user’s body weight: 110 kg
  • Computer:
    • Scan – Skan
    • Time – Czas
    • Speed – Prędkość
    • Distance – Dystans
    • Calories – Kalorie
    • Odometer – Total distance
    • Pulse – Puls
  • Batteries:
    • The set includes 2xAAA