MP6540 MP6540 MP6540

MP 6540 HMS

HMS is honored to present the MP6540 airbike, a mandatory machine at a gym, and without any doubts in cross fit clubs.

This is a revolution in aerobic training and endurance training, and moreover, even if it seems strange in the context of bikes, in the field of the strength training.

Moving arms force hands to work. This means that both, the lower and the upper muscles are involved in a workout and it makes the exercises more effective. When a training plan requires more involvement of the upper muscles, then, due to special footrests it is possible to exercise hands only. By placing feet on the footrests a user ensures a comfortable position for maximal work of hands.

Load produced by the bike is based on the air resistance. The mechanism operates in such a way that that the faster and harder one pedals, the greater load is produced. Therefore, this type of machines is perfect for cross-fit training. Such training is based mainly on interval exercises i.e. for a short time one performs work at maximal intensity, and then he/she rests at much lower intensity. So it’s ideal for cross fitters since feeling of the load depends on the power they produce.

The MP6540 is suitable for strength training, but it is also a great machine for cardio exercises. It speeds up the heart rate quickly, it engages the entire body and raises the body temperature rapidly. The last fact speaks in favor of using the bike to warm up. What seems a great advantage, because of the air resistance the joints are not strained. Hence, one can warm up quickly and safely at the same time.

At the time of a hard workout a good idea is to monitor it and to check how a body reacts. This is ensured by the computer the machine is equipped with. One will find all the information helpful during a workout there.

MP6540 is a construction made from the highest quality materials; it is very stable and safe. Even at the time of very intensive workouts no vibrations or wobbles are felt. Transport wheels warrant easy adjustment of the equipment. HMS brand has also ensured comfort of training by providing ergonomic, soft seat with adjustable height and depth, in order to encourage a user for a long and pleasant workout.

The saddle has a gel filling and a special profile that increases the temperature exchange.

MP6540 HMS – higher level of your performance.


  • Computer (reading):
    • time: yes
    • distance: yes
    • speed: yes
    • pulse: yes
    • calories: yes
  • Display dimensions (mm): 50 x 23
  • Computer (features):
    • SCAN: yes
  • Additional equipment:
    • heart rate sensors: yes
    • floor-leveling screws: yes

Technical data

  • Color: black-orange
  • Type: horizontal
  • Class of use: H
  • Resistance Type: air drag
  • Type of resistance adjustment: manual
  • Number of resistance adjustment levels: smooth andjustment
  • Flywheel weight (kg): 2
  • Saddle adjustment plane: vertical
  • Between saddle and pedals (mm): 600 ÷ 880
  • Saddle height adjusting method: in steps (9 levels)
  • Bike dimensions (unfolded):
    • length (mm): 1060
    • width (mm): 560
    • height (mm): 1120
  • Maximum user weight (kg): 100