MP6548 HMS

HMS proudly presents its MP6548 air bike, already a mandatory device in the gym and in a crossfit club.

Movable arms force the work of the hands, which means that not only the lower but also the upper muscle parts are involved in the training, which in turn makes the workout more effective. If our training schedules require greater involvement of the upper muscle parts, thanks to the special footrests it is possible to work out using your hands only.

The bicycle’s load is air resistance. The operation of such mechanism lies in the fact that the faster and harder we pedal, the greater the load is. That is why this type of device is perfect for crossfit training.

MP6548 will not only prove perfect for strength training; it is also a great device for cardio workout. It quickly accelerates the heart rate, engages the whole body and increases body temperature within seconds. This makes the bike perfect for warming up. Especially because you don’t strain your joints with wind resistance. You can warm up quickly and safely.

MP6548 is a structure made of the highest quality materials, which make it very stable and safe. Even during an intense workout, no twitching or shaking occurs. Transport wheels guarantee easy movement of the equipment. HMS has also taken care of training comfort: the ergonomic, soft seat with adjustable height and depth will allow for a long and pleasant workout.

MP6548 HMS – take your workout to a higher level.


  • Computer (reading):
    • time: yes
    • distance: yes
    • speed: yes
    • pulse: yes
    • body fat: yes
    • calories: yes
    • ambient temperature: yes
  • Display dimensions (mm): 65 x 95
  • Computer (features):
    • RECOVERY: yes
    • SCAN: yes
  • Additional equipment:
    • heart rate sensors: yes
    • place for a mobile device: yes
    • floor-leveling screws: yes
    • transport rollers or wheels: yes


  • Color: black
  • Type: vertical
  • Class of use: H
  • Resistance Type: air drag
  • Flywheel weight (kg): 2
  • Saddle adjustment plane: vertically and horizontally
  • Between saddle and pedals (mm): 730 ÷ 900
  • Saddle height adjusting method: in steps
  • Bike dimensions (unfolded):
    • length (mm): 1330
    • width (mm): 620
    • height (mm): 1380
  • Maximum user weight (kg): 110
  • Product weight (kg): 38