MP6590 HMS

Each of us, even those who are not physically active, knows what a stationary bike is. Some of us can distinguish between a mechanical bike and a magnetic one. Some even know what a spin bike is. But has anyone heard of an air bike?

We would like to present you a bike MP6590 with air drag by HMS. This means a revolution in endurance and strength training. Thanks to front grips, we exercise also upper body sections while cycling. Consequently, the workout with MP6590 improves our whole body development.

This innovative bike will be perfect for warm-up. A few minutes are enough for our body temperature to increase significantly. We will safely warm-up our joints and muscles because we do not put in front of them any mechanical resistance. The only drag we have to overcome is the air drag.

A good cardio workout? You cannot choose better. Thanks to the total-body engagement, we will quickly increase our body temperature and significantly improve metabolism. Different movements mean that the workout is very intensive and on a high level.

We will also perform strength workout on bike MP6590. When we start cycle faster, the drag increases and so does the engagement of our muscles in the workout. The arm work is as important as our legwork on this revolutionary bike. We decide ourselves if we want to work equally with our whole body or if we want to involve arms to a greater degree. We will understand the intensity of the workout and the power we put into each rep after a few minutes of training. It will give us a guarantee that we will perform the strength workout in 100%.

Bike MP6590 HMS is state-of-the-art technology. It is made of the best materials. Each bike element offers top class manufacture. Thanks to its perfect build, the machine is very stable and safe. We will not experience any vibration or the lack of balance even during very intensive workout. The drag of the bike does not need to be controlled. The drag increases automatically when we speed up. Thanks to the fact that the only drag comes from the air, the bike is very quiet and the workout is very smooth. HMS has also provided for the comfort of training: ergonomic, soft seat with adjusted height will allow for a long, pleasant workout. Transport wheels installed on the front base allow for easy transfer of the equipment. Easy in use computer installed in MP6590 displays the most crucial information necessary for the workout, among others the pulse which can be measured with the use of touch sensors located in the handles. Additionally, there is a place by the computer, which will safely accommodate our phone or tablet if we want to use them while training.

Don’t stay back. With bike MP6590 HMS your workout will jump to a higher level and its intensity will be practically unlimited.


  • Dimensions: 1110x650x1630 mm
  • Net weight: 27 kg, gross 30 kg
  • Maximum user’s body weight: 110 kg
  • Computer:
    • Scan – Skan
    • Time – Czas
    • Speed – Prędkość
    • Distance – Dystans
    • Calories – Kalorie
    • Odometer – Total distance
    • Pulse – Puls
  • Batteries:
    • The set includes 2xAAA

Computer Functions

  • Scan-Skan
  • Time-Czas
  • Speed-Prędkość
  • Distance-Dystans
  • Pulse-Puls
  • Calories-Kalorie
  • Odometer-Dystans całkowity