BSX10 HMS ball is a fitness training device that has a shape of hemisphere. It is used for balance training. It is made from high quality materials that guarantee durability and comfort of using.

The exercises with BSX10 HMS are perfect complement of standard workout which is extended by balance training. As the result, the user can improve the musculature of abdomen, legs and arms, but also to improve the flexibility of joints and shape of body. When turning the ball upside down, we can extend the training by the exercises that help to strengthen the arms.

A training with BSX10 HMS ball activates postural muscles. Thanks to that the user improves endurance, but also corrects postural defects. That is why this is perfect device for the people who lead sedentary lifestyle.

For the ball BSX10 HMS you can easily find a lot of applications. Apart from typical fitness and aerobic training, it is also good for healthcare and therapies for people with disabilities. What helps to achieve it is a special structure of coating of the ball that prevents from slipping and a high quality rubber that is pleasant to the touch. We recommend it to all the people who want to stay fit and healthy at home, without the necessity to go out.


  • Coating material: PVC
  • Base material: ABS
  • Diameter: 60 cm
  • Hight: 25 cm