EP02 HMS is pilates expander with handles. The equipment has a wide range of applications used for Pilates and yoga, is perfect for training stretching and strengthening the muscles of the abdomen, arms, back and pelvis.

The small size combined with its versatility make it an ideal device for home use. Just a small space by using the expander to perform arbitrarily chosen set of exercises. Appreciate it also individuals looking for a device that will help them carry out a quick warm-up by proper training.

The big advantage of the product is it’s durability. This guarantees the high quality of materials used in production. Working with expander Pilates is a form of training willingly used in fitness clubs and recommended by personal trainers.

EP02 HMS HMS is used to exercise general development and rehabilitation. The product is a perfect addition to aerobic training. Regular use of the expander will improve fitness, increase joint flexibility and help burn superfluous fat.


  • Material: plasic handles, rubber
  • Sizes and colour: 650 x 150 x 0.65 mm – red