FB01 HMS is a special rubber tape for strapping different parts of the body. The product works on several levels. It’s helps relieve pain, reduce swelling, increase blood flow or improve range of motion and restore normal mobility.

Training with FB01 HMS restores the free slip between the surfaces of tissues. Oppression makes the structure of myofascial rozklejają up. This is not the end! Elastic exercise band floss will increase the blood flow in the area. The product perfectly suited to the workouts that include heavy or repeated squats or extrusion.

Working with the rubber will reduce swelling and improve joint. The small size combined with it’s versatility make it an ideal device for home use. Just a small space to use it to perform a freely chosen set of exercises.


  • length / width / thickness
    • 2080 mm / 50 mm / 1.2 mm