GU04 PRO SET HMS is a set of three short rubber bands (60 cm) intended for versatile workout use.

They can be used for strengthening, stabilising, mobilising and recovery exercise. Mobilising workout can improve faulty body posture, improve mobility, eliminate pain and prevent injuries.

GU04 PRO SET HMS can be used for a dynamic warm-up, training of deep muscles and the whole body. They are a perfect supplementation of each workout since they provide new stimulus for our muscles. The bands are intended for all practitioners at every advancement level. Thanks to varies resistance of the bands everyone can adjust the training routine to your skills.


  • Lenght: 600 mm
  • Width: 50 mm
  • Thickness / colour / resistance:
    • 1.2 mm / pink / light
    • 1.6 mm / gray / medium
    • 2 mm / purple / strong