TP01 HMS is a training rubber that gives you many possibilities to do an effective workout of upper and lower body muscles. Its main advantage is its durability. It is guaranteed thanks to high quality materials used in manufacture process.

Trainings with rubbers are popular exercises in fitness clubs and recommended ones by personal trainers. TP01 HMS are used to exercise general development and rehabilitation. The product is a perfect addition to aerobic training. Regular use of the gum improves the condition, increases joint flexibility and helps to burn superfluous fat.

Small size and their universality make them an ideal equipment for home use. Even small space is enough to use them and to perform freely chosen set of exercises. This product is also perfect for all the people that are looking for an equipment that would help them with quick warm-up training.


  • length / width / thickness / color:
    • 1800 mm / 150 mm / 1.20 mm / black
    • 1500 mm / 150 mm / 0.75 mm / grey
    • 1200 mm / 120 mm / 0.70 mm / pink