TX30 HMS – is a training rubber set. Each gum is very strong and resistant to rupture. They keep their resistance characteristics even after months of intensive trainings.

The rubbers take advantage of users weight to improve their efficiency and strength. High quality, special construction and durability guarantee successful trainings in all conditions. The set incudes 5 resistant gums, two handles, two ankle holders and one door holder.

TX30 HMS is great way to do modern workout in a spirit of CrossFit training. The rubbers allow to strengthen the muscles of the whole body, to improve their endurance, mobility and flexibility. Five resistance levels facilitates to choose the proper exercises according to your preferences. You need very little space to be able to perform any set of exercises.


  • Resistant rubbers:
    • lenght / resistance / color:
      • 1200 mm / 3 kg / red
      • 1200 mm / 4 kg / blue
      • 1200 mm / 5 kg / black
      • 1200 mm / 7 kg / yellow
      • 1200 mm / 8 kg / green
  • Holders:
    • 2 x handles
    • 2 x ankle holders
    • 1 x door holder