SK54 HMS is an aluminium skipping rope. Its innovative structure ensures unique speed and precision of movements while exercising. The product is made of premium materials. The handles of SK54 HMS skipping rope are equipped with rotating heads to prevent twisting of the rope during workout.

SK54 HMS is an excellent tool for various types of training. For example, CrossFit makes a thorough use of its speed.


  • Color: red-black, silver-black
  • Handle material: PVC coated aluminum
  • Rope material: PU coated steel
  • Additional equipment:
    • bearings in the handles: Yes
    • rope length adjustment: Yes
  • Handle dimensions (length/diameter) (mm): 150
  • Rope length (mm): 3000
  • Total length of the skipping rope (mm): 3300
  • Product weight (g): 120