AKM01 SET is a set consisting of a mat and an acupressure pad.

The acupressure mat is a great and effective tool to relax and to get rid of pain. It enables to get rid of muscle tension, to improve blood circulation and to stimulate production of endorphins. The salutary effects of using the mat will be felt not only by people with spine aches or headaches, but also those suffering from the insomnia.

The whole set offers as many as 11088 plastic spikes, which translates into the same number of pressure points. The spikes are placed on specially shaped rosette-like elements. Such a high number of spikes and the appropriate density of the “rosettes” make it is possible to obtain optimal body pressure.

The mat cover and pillow cover can be removed in order to be washed easily.

The set can be used in many ways. By placing the mat on the ground and lying down on it, you will get a perfect back massage. Standing on it, we massage our feet. The massage is also possible when sitting, e.g. when the mat is placed on a chair. The pillow included into the set is perfect for massage of the cervical spine, but it is also useful for the lumbar section. It also makes it possible to massage specific places of the body, e.g. arms or legs.

The mat is very handy and can be taken anywhere. A big advantage is the case, which can be put on the back after the set has been packed.

The acupressure mat is a useful and helpful tool promoting health, positive effects of which should interest everyone regardless of age or sex.


  • Color: black, blue, pink
  • Mat type: acupressure set
  • Material: cotton, polyurethane, ABS
  • Mat dimensions:
    • length (mm): 650
    • width (mm): 420
    • thickness (mm): 20
  • Pillow dimensions:
    • length (mm): 380
    • width (mm): 150
    • thickness (mm): 100
  • Number of pinpoints per disc: 48
  • Total acupressure points: 11088
  • Set contains: mat, pillow, case