AKM10 can be used in many ways. Placing the mat on the ground and lying down on it, you will get a perfect back massage. Standing on it, we massage our feet. The massage is also possible when sitting, e.g. when the mat is placed on a chair. The mat is very handy and can be taken anywhere.

The acupressure mat is a useful and helpful tool promoting health, positive effects of which should interest everyone regardless of age or sex.


  • Color: black, orange, blue
  • Mat type: acupressure mat
  • Material: cotton, polyurethane, ABS
  • Mat dimensions:
    • length (mm): 740
    • width (mm): 420
    • thickness (mm): 20
  • Number of massaging discs: 210
  • Number of pinpoints per disc: 33
  • Total acupressure points: 6930