YM03 HMS – it’s a yoga mat made of thick and amortize NBR material. It is a kind of synthetic rubber. This strong material guarantees perfect adhesion. Thanks to that, mat is stable and does not slide on the ground during training.

YM02 is comfortable because the NBR guarantees good insulation. Remember that the thicker the mat is, yoy get the greater comfort for body and joints. So let’s decide on YM03 HMS.

Mata is also high flexibility. NBR material has short memory shape, so it aligns quickly.

HMS product also has high flexibility and extremely low weight. YM03 can be used in the yoga, aerobics and fitness workout. Mat is ideally suited to the beach. Storing and transporting the mat is very easy because of compression straps.


  • Dimensions:
    • length: 1830 mm
    • width: 610 mm
    • thickness: 10 mm
  • Material: 100% NBR
  • Color: blue, gray