DDS12 HMS is a tracksuit sauna. Great solution, especially for martial arts players. It shall prove itself at the stage, when a player wants to reduce his/her bodyweight quickly. Wearing the suite makes that the body temperature goes up quickly. As an effect, one sweats much and loses water from the organism. This is a way to finally achieve the desired weight and lose 2-3 kilograms quickly. It can also play a role of an obstacle during a workout. Increase of the temperature during a workout makes the body spends more energy to cool down the body, therefore the exercises become much more exhausting.

The tracksuit comprises two parts, trousers and a blouse with a hood. The material is comfortable, durable, airtight and it does not hamper moves. Thanks to the wrist welts, waist welts and ankle welts and a zipper in the sweatshirt, flow of air to the body is blocked.

The DDS12 works well in any sport, whether it’s an endurance exercise or strength one.


  • Material: PVC
  • Thickness: 0.12 mm
  • Size: uniwersal
  • Product weight: 400 g