HHP005 is a slimming hula hoop. It helps users to lose weight and to shape figure effectively. During the exercise 35 magnets provide an ideal body massage breaking down the fat tissue from the area of the abdomen, hips and butts. Properly performed, regular exercises make that the waist circumference becomes significantly reduced. Training with HHP005 enables losing weight, but it also develops the fitness rate. After a few sessions the exercises become so easy that, when spinning, you are able to freely move the hula hoop up and down the body, expanding range of the massage in this way.

Negatively polarized magnets have a positive effect on the metabolism and the blood pressure. Therefore, workouts with HHP005 result in long-lasting positive health effects.Easy and quick assembly of the wheel facilitates its transport, and thanks to the fact that after folding the wheel does not require much space you are able to take it with you and train where you like.


  • Color: yellow-gray
  • Material: PP, magnet
  • Number of magnets: 35
  • Diameter: 85 cm
  • Hoop diameter: 3.1 cm
  • Number of parts: 7
  • Weight: 0.79 kg