TX08 TX08 TX08


TX08 HMS PREMIUM rings – a high quality equipment designed for gymnastic exercises. The product is intended for people, who want to strengthen and slenderize the body.

Gymnastic rings are made of selected wood. In this way great gripping properties are ensured. In the set, along with the rings you get a set of thick and durable straps. All seams are made of the highest quality, weather resistant threads. This model is also equipped with a snap hook. In this way, we can easily install the rings in a place convenient for us.

The tool is a great way to intensive workouts in the CrossFit style. This model enables variety of exercises engaging the upper and lower parts of the body and it helps to work on the body movement coordination. TX08 rings can be used by men, to warm up before the strength training, as well as by women, for fitness training goals.

TX08 HMS PREMIUM straps are equipped with a “measuring tape”, thanks to which setting the rings at the right height should not be a problem.


    • Material: Wood, nylon, steel
    • Dimensions:
      • diameter: 230 mm
      • thickness: 28 mm
    • Bands length: 2640 mm
    • Gross / net weight: 1.34 / 1.18 kg
    • Maximum load: 200 kg
    • In the set:
      • gymnastic rings: 2 pcs
      • textile bands: 2 pcs
      • snap ring: 2 pcs