TX10 HMS is a resistance band set which lets the user perform a wide range of CrossFit-inspired exercises while taking advantage solely of body weight and gravity.

With high-quality workmanship, proven construction and durability, TX10 HMS guarantees a successful workout in every environment. The set consists of one band with metal hook, a band with rubber handles, a door anchor and a carrying case.

The training method is based on the laws of inertia – the device takes advantage of a user’s body weight to increase the fitness level and strength, improve balance, joint elasticity and overall physical condition.

Resistance bands are compact yet versatile tools offering hundreds of possible exercises and thus allowing the user to create an individual workout plan according to personal preferences and physical abilities.

TX10 HMS is made of heavy-duty materials which ensure safety and comfort of use. The set weighs less than a kilogram and fits into a small carrying case. Easy mounting method translates into nearly limitless workout spots, which provides the feel of freedom and increases motivation.


  • Foam handles
  • Includes ankle straps, door anchor, carrying case
  • Band length adjustment: 120 ÷ 160 cm
  • Maximum load: 250 kg