WA05 HMS Ab Wheel is a muscle-toning device designed for upper-body workout. High-quality materials and proven construction will meet the needs of most demanding users.

The roller is equipped with a solid rim and tire with durable yet flexible rubber tread providing optimal grip on most surfaces without scratching. The heavy-duty shaft with knurled handles and foot straps offer excellent stability throughout the workout.

The ab wheel helps strengthen the arms, abdominals and back muscles. The device lets you develop overall endurance and improve joint elasticity. It can be used in coordination/stabilization exercise programs.

WA05 HMS is a versatile device offering a wide range of exercise possibilities. Apart from traditional gymnastics, it can be successfully used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. This compact apparatus is ideal for improving fitness at home or at professional fitness centers.


  • Material: PVC, PU
  • Wheel diameter: 360 mm
  • Handle length: 105 mm
  • Wheel width: 44 mm