YB01 HMS is an inflatable fitness ball made of high-quality non-slip material.

Fitness ball exercises are highly effective due to the fact that apart from performing an actual workout the person exercising must also activate postural muscles (abdomen, back, oblique and gluteal muscles) in order to maintain stability of the body. As a result, a single exercise program not only tones the muscles but also improves balance and posture.

YB01 HMS is a multi-use piece of fitness equipment which can be used in training athletes as well as for rehabilitation purposes. Yoga ball training is also an excellent means of body conditioning.

The ball is available in 3 sizes: 55 cm and 65 cm, which should be selected according to user height (see specifications section for details).


  • Proven construction, high quality rubber material
  • Wide variety of uses:
    • yoga
    • pilates
    • moderate-intensity physical activities
    • physiotherapy
    • stretching
    • strengthening exercises
    • rehabilitation


  • Ball diameter / user height:
    • 55 cm / 150 ÷ 164 cm
    • 65 cm / 165 ÷ 182 cm
    • 75 cm / >182 cm
  • Available colors:
    • 55 cm: blue, pink, black
    • 65 cm: red, gray, plum
    • 75 cm: azure, black