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YB02 HMS ANTI-BURST is a durable gym ball made ​​of special rubber technology Anti-burst, whereby in the event of breakage, the ball gradually loses air, protecting the practitioner from sudden collapse.

Special structure of the balls causes the body does not slide over the surface during exercise. Popularity of SIA gymnastic ball, due to their high efficiency. This is due to the specificity performed with the use of exercise. The ball YB02 HMS ANTI-BURST allows you to increase efficiency, is also a perfect complement to the standard practice of the elements associated with the exercise of balance.

Training with the ball YB02 HMS ANTI-BURST activates postural muscles, so that the user can not only improve your endurance, but also corrects any posture. As a result, we can improve the muscles of the abdominal muscles, legs and arms, joint flexibility, as well as get a proper body shape. Therefore, the device is ideal for leading a sedentary lifestyle.

For ball YB02 HMS ANTI-BURST you can easily find a lot of applications. Besides the typical training and aerobic gymnastics, it works very well also in the treatment of people with all sorts of mobility problems. It helps in the special structure of the outer shell balls, by which the body does not slide over the surface. We recommend it to all those who, without leaving the house they want to effectively take care of your health.


  • ANTI-BURST technology
  • Material: PVC
  • Highest quality rubber
  • Ball desinged for exercises:
    • yoga
    • pilates
    • motion
    • correction
    • extending
    • strengthening
    • used in the rehabilitation

Technical data

  • User high:
    • 55 cm / 150÷164 cm
    • 65 cm / 165÷182 cm
    • 75 cm / 182÷ cm
  • Color:
    • 55 cm: orange, graphite
    • 65 cm: black, purple, brown (grizzly)
    • 75 cm: steel
  • The pump included
  • Maxium load: 100 kg