YB03 HMS is a durable training ball made of special rubber in an anti-burst technology. It means that in the case of puncture the ball loses the air gradually to prevent the user from a sudden fall.
The ball’s special structure prevents the body from slipping on its surface during training. Additionally, one half of the ball is covered with lugs to enable faster recovery of muscles. During exercises, the lugs naturally massage our body to reduce pain caused by micro injuries.

Popularity of gym balls results from their high efficiency. This is a benefit of exercises performed with their use. The ball YB03 HMS allows you to improve fitness. It also is a perfect supplementation of a standard workout with elements related to balance exercises.
The training with the ball YB03 HMS activates posture muscles. As a result, the user not only improves his/her endurance but also corrects possible posture deficiencies. Consequently, we can develop the musculature of abdominals, muscles of legs and arms, elasticity of joints, as well as achieve a correct body silhouette. All this makes the equipment perfect for people with sedentary lifestyle.
There are many applications of the ball YB03 HMS. Apart from a typical gym or aerobic workout, it works very well during therapy of people with all types of mobility problems. We recommend it for fitness clubs where it will enjoy great popularity as well as for all users who want to take care of their health without leaving their homes.


  • Diametre:
    • 55 cm
  • Weight: 1.23 kg
  • Maximum permissible load:
    • 250 kg
  • Material:
    • PVC
    • Anti-slip material texture
  • Pump included