PRP01 HMS is an adjustable device designed for stretching the back and strengthening postural muscles. It is a great solution both for people active in the field of sport and for all those who complain of chronic back pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle.


PRP01 offers two side panels equipped with special acupressure tabs, which are able to spot stimulate our muscles and the lumbar muscle band, making recovery even more effective.

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  • Material: PP, ABS, NBR
  • Dimensions: length 37cm, width: 25Cm, height Level 1 5cm, Level 2: 8cm, Level 3: 10cm
  • Color: green
  • 3 levels of adjustment:
  • Weight of the load: 500g.
  • Velcro strap: yes, 2x
  • Maximal load: 100kg