BLC01 BLC02 HMS Lacrosse

BLC01/02 HMS

BLC0I/02 HMS are silicone Lacrosse balls that are used to relax excessively tight myofascial points. BLC01/02 HMS massage balls are very easy to use. Just put them next to or on a hard surface, such as wall or floor, to stabilize their movement, then press them to the selected points on the body.

Using massage balls can help us reach even the most unavailable muscle parts. Their small size makes them so effective. We are able to precisely press points that are source of pain.

BLC01/01 HMS balls are dedicated to all athletes – regardless their level of advancement. They can be perfect for minor pain in the neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs. They are also often used during CROSSFIT trainings to improve body mobility.


  • Material: silikon
  • Dimensions BLC01: 65 mm
  • Dimensions BLC02: 125 x 65 mm