FS102 HMS helps quickly regenerate muscles after exercise. It’s made of flexible EVA, equipped with ergonomic tabs. This equipment produces an effect similar to the massage conducted by a physiotherapist.

Roller FS102 HMS was created for relax tense muscles and improve coordination. It’s not only improve your fitness but also effectively shape your body. Thanks to the special tabs massage, the equipment is perfect for presons experiencing problems with blood circulation.

Model FS102 HMS was made of high quality materials which guarantees ensuring comfort during exercise. It’s does not absorb moisture, making it easy to keep clean.

Training with a FS102 HMS efficiently activates postural muscles, which helps to improve endurance and corrects posture. Therefore, it is an ideal device for persons with sitting way of life.

We may find many ways of uning for roller FS102 HMS can easily find. Besides the typical training gymnastics, works very well also in the treatment people with all sorts of mobility problems.


  • Length: 450 mm
  • Diameter: 150 mm
  • Material: EVA