FS103 HMS is a roller foam which can be used for general training and for self-massage – to release muscle tightness or trigger points. By applying pressure to specific points on your body you are able to aid in the recovery of muscles and assist in returning them to normal function. Normal function means your muscles are elastic, healthy, and ready to perform at a moment’s notice.

Roller foam FS103 can be used to roll through tight muscles, knots and kinks to reduce soreness and improve mobility. Regular use of the roller can provide benefits such as recovery from injuries (or preventing them), decreased muscle and joint pain, increased circulation and flexibility, improved balance and mobility and preparing the body for peak performance. The textured surface of the FS103 HMS helps to maximize the flow of blood and oxygen to heal tissue.

Product is made of high quality EVA foam, it is resistant to abrasion and doesn’t absorb water. Thanks to this it is easy to keep it clean.

Whether you’re looking to massage sore muscles or use the roller in an exercise routine, FS103 HMS can provide you with a number of health benefits.


  • Length: 330 mm
  • Diameter: 140 mm
  • Material: EVA foam
  • Maximum load: 150 kg