FS113 HMS is a two part roller. Equipment helps quickly regenerate muscles after exercises. Product consists of two parts. It’s was made of flexible durable EVA material and equipped with ergonomic tabs, which produces an effect similar to the massage conducted by a physiotherapist.

Roller was designed for relaxation tense muscles and improve coordination. The equipment helps improve your fitness and also effectively reshape the silhouette of the body. Thanks to the special tabs massage, persons with experiencing problems with blood circulation appreciate this product.

FS113 HMS was made of high quality plastic, ensuring comfort during exercise. It is resistant to abrasion and does not absorb moisture, making it easy to keep clean. The biggest advantages are one hundred percent waterproof and smoothness which provides protection against dirt and bacteria.

Ergonomic massage tabs are intensifing sensations during exercise, creating the impression of finger pressure massage. Training with a roller FS113 HMS efficiently activates postural muscles, which helps to improve endurance and corrects any posture. The equipment is ideal for people leading a sedentary lifestyle.


  • Length: 330 / 300 mm
  • Diameter: 140 / 100 mm
  • Material: EVA foam
  • Maximum load: 120 kg