WA11 HMS is a wide roller used for the whole body training. The biggest advantage of this model is its wide tread measuring 16.5 cm! Keeping it balanced is much easier than with standard exercise wheels. Additional advantage are the under knee pads, which allow us to exercise without fear of rubbing them.

Roller has large, ergonomic and covered with rubber grips so that your hands do not slip.

While exercising with a wide roller, almost whole body works. In addition to the abdominal muscle, deep and oblique muscles are involved in the workout. Also the broader back muscle, teres bigger and smaller muscles and infraspinatus muscles are working. Arm muscles and triceps also takes part in exercises. In turn, stable base in the kneeling provide a strained thigh muscles, the quadriceps and buttocks – gluteus great.

WA11 HMS wheel thickness allows you to focus fully on the exercise technique, which results in increased exercise efficiency. In addition, the WA11 HMS is fitted with a spring which, during training, makes it easier to return to the starting position.


  • Material: PU, PP, steel
  • Wheel diameter: 19 cm
  • Wheel width: 16,5 mm
  • Length of handle: 14 cm
  • Dimensions of the knee pad: 34 x 16,5 x 0,5 cm