LO1883 HMS

LO1883 HMS – knee support, it is soft and comfortable. The product provides excellent rigidity not limited motor skills.

LO1883 HMS adapts perfectly to the body shape. Special notch stabilizes the elbow. It is made of two materials: neoprene and EVA.

LO1883 HMS will work perfectly in the prevention and protection from injuries and overload of the elbow joint. It also helps to maintain the natural heat of the body and improves blood circulation. This results in a decrease in pain and allows rapid healing of injuries.


  • Material: neoprene and EVA
  • Available sizes (lenght x width):
    • S – 210 x 115 mm
    • M – 220 x 125 mm
    • L – 230 x 125 mm
    • XL – 235 x 130 mm