NA1769 HMS

NA1769 HMS – a wrist band, soft and comfortable. The product provides excellent stiffness but it does not limit the mobility. This model is put on starting from pulling it over the thumb. Thanks to this solution, apart from stabilization of the wrist joint the wristband also keeps the thumb in its natural anatomical position. Comfort is guaranteed by a hooks and loops fastener. It enables a user to adjust the size of the band to the size of his/her wrist. NA1769 is made of two materials: the neoprene and the polyester. Consequently, it perfectly adapts to the shape of the wrist. Moreover, the main application of the neoprene products is compression. The heat generated is retained in the covered tissues. This is due to the thermal insulation of the neoprene. This results in increased blood circulation and consequent faster treatment of injuries.


  • Material: 65% neoprene, 35% polyester
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 31 cm
    • Width: 8-8.5 cm
    • Stretching material: 7 cm
  • Advantages:
    • Skin-friendly material
    • Material stretching in all directions
    • Hooks and loops tape
  • Intended use:
    • stabilization and stiffening of the wrist joint
    • pains and injuries
    • medium sized inflammations