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MA1020 HMS

MA1020 HMS is a body massager. It allows you to relax body and muscles, effectively reduces cellulite and helps in fat distribution.

The set includes three types of massage belts. First one is ideal for fighting cellulite. It is equipped with rollers, thanks to which the treatments will make your skin smoother. Second one, single belt, is used to massage legs, thighs and buttocks. The last one, the 1000-point belt, is designed to imitate the work done in a professional massage studio. It allows you to perform intensive and deep massage of tired and tight muscles.

Massager MA1020 possitively affects the cardiovascular system, effectively loosens muscles and stimulates their development. This universal device, regardless of age and health of its user, allows to take care of your figure and impeccable appearance at your own home.

MA1020 HMS has an integrated computer with LCD display. Its indications allow you to accurately estimate the number of calories burned. You can choose between six exercise programs or adjust the speed of the massage and its time. It depends entirely on your preferences and goals you want to achieve in body cosmetics.

Our massager is made of highest quality materials. They are pleasant to be touched and do not irritate the skin.


  • Robust, glass base
  • Chromed column
  • Three types of massage belts:
    • for massage
    • single
    • the 1000-point belt
  • Computer functions:
    • time
    • calories
    • program speed

Technical data

  • Exercise programs: 5
  • 20 levels of vibration speed
  • Dimensions (unfolded):
    • length: 720 mm
    • width: 440 mm
    • height: 1060 mm
  • Power supply 230V
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Maximum product load: 120 kg