ZW1600 HMS PREMIUM is a rowing machine with a modern water resistance system. It offers a combination of high quality, functionality and easy use. The rower is a training device intended for the whole body workout.

ZW1600 comes with a water drag system, instead of a standard flywheel. Its adjustment consists in adding or removing water from the tank. The resistance level is indicated by means of 9 lines located on the side of the tank. The blades in the tank are set at such angle that the motion is very smooth. The advantage of the water rowing machine is a nice sound of flowing water during the exercise, in contrast to standard trainers.

ZW1600 is made of top quality materials which guarantee safety of use. Aluminium guide bar and comfortable seat provide for high comfort and smooth training. Sturdy structure satisfies us with its load bearing capacity, equal to 150 kg. Transport wheels makes the relocation of the machine easy even when the tank is full, which, together with a comfortable folding system, facilitates storage.

The product is equipped with easily-readable LCD display. It provides all information necessary during the workout. Distance, time or pulse (with the use of chest belt attached to the set) are only some of the information displayed on the screen.


  • Computer (reading):
    • time: yes
    • strokes per minute: yes
    • strokes: yes
    • distance: yes
    • speed: yes
    • pulse: yes
    • calories: yes
    • ambient temperature: yes
  • Additional equipment:
    • telemetry belt receiver: yes
    • telemetry belt included: yes
    • footrests at the front: yes
    • transport rollers: yes
    • funnel
    • water drainage pump


  • Color: white-black
  • Folding feature: yes
  • Class of use: S
  • Resistance Type: water
  • Load range: 1 ÷ 9
  • Display Type: LCD
  • Computer dimensions (mm): 178 x 118
  • Display dimensions (mm): 128 x 59
  • Rowing machine dimensions (unfolded):
    • length (mm): 2115
    • width (mm): 520
    • height (mm): 850
  • Rowing machine dimensions (folded):
    • length (mm): 1125
    • width (mm): 520
    • height (mm): 1425
  • Maximum user weight (kg): 150