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BE5833 HMS

BE5833 HMS PREMIUM is an electric treadmill designed for households.

Running belt

The machine has a large running belt assuring a comfortable workout area. Combined with its cushioning system it makes that running is just a pleasure. The six-part inner cushion and two outer cushions characterized by a honey structure assure perfect cushioning and hence, safety of the joints.

Speed and incline angle

The maximum speed of the BE5833 treadmill is 18 km/h. However, but for those preferring march to running fast we will also adjust the speed since the machine starts working from 1 km/h. In order to make a workout intensive and more efficient and to engage the quadriceps of the thighs and calves a little more, a user can change the incline angle of the treadmill. The maximum incline angle equals 150.


The console panel is primarily characterized by ergonomics. Handles for bottles and mobile devices enable a user to have everything at hand. For convenience and for instance, for interval training, the console has been equipped with buttons for quick change of speed and incline angle.


The computer is equipped with 5-inch screen with LCD display. Any information displayed is clearly visible. What kind of information could it be? The computer has many functions: 36 workout programs plus 3 individual programs. It also displays information about the workout, time, current speed, incline, distance, number of burned calories and the pulse. Body fat function included.

No space = folding

One of the main problems when buying quite large fitness equipment is lack of space at home. There is a solution. BE5833 is equipped with a folding system due to which a user does not suffer from the dimensions of the treadmill. The gas cylinder enables safe folding and unfolding of the machine.


  • Computer (reading):
    • time: yes
    • distance: yes
    • speed: yes
    • pulse: yes
    • body fat: yes
    • calories: yes
    • HRC: yes
  • Computer (features):
    • total number of training programs: 44
    • built-in training programs: yes
    • number of built-in training programs: 36
    • individual training programs: yes
    • number of individual training programs: 3
  • Display size (”): 5
  • Additional equipment:
    • heart rate sensors: yes
    • place for a mobile device: yes
    • place for a water bottle: yes
    • transport rollers or wheels: yes


  • Color: silver-black
  • Accuracy class: C
  • Class of use: H
  • Drive type: electric
  • Engine power (HP): 3.8
  • Speed range (km/h): 1 ÷ 18
  • Tilt angle range: 0 ÷ 15
  • Running belt dimensions:
    • length (mm): 1420
    • width (mm): 500
  • Treadmill dimensions (unfolded):
    • length (mm): 1710
    • width (mm): 815
    • height (mm): 1390
  • The possibility of folding the treadmill: yes
  • Treadmill dimensions (folded):
    • length (mm): 1190
    • width (mm): 815
    • height (mm): 1455
  • Maximum user weight (kg): 120
  • Product weight (kg): 79,5
  • Power supply: 230V