LOOP14 treadmill is a 21st century technology. It is modern and intuitive. The modern design of the treadmill confirms that it has been designed in the most elegant form.

The machine has been designed for intensive workouts at home. Design of the treadmill provides a comfortable training space, and the silica gel cushioning system guarantees lightweight and resilient running and knee safety.

The ergonomic control panel enables a user to manage settings such as time, speed, incline angle, distance and calories conveniently. It is also equipped with very useful buttons for quick selection of speed. Speed and inclination can be set into 3 or 5 by just a single move.

For those users, who find walking on a flat area too easy, the treadmill is equipped with a 12-level inclination function. LOOP14 HMS has a mechanism for automatic adjustment of the treadmill belt incline and the speed. The machine is also equipped with touch sensors intended to measure the pulse;

Due to the Bluetooth function the treadmill can be connected to the FitShow application easily downloaded to a phone by scanning the QR code available in the manual. Thanks to this application one can keep track of workouts and to record their effects. Consequently, a user can analyze his/her progress. Moreover thanks to the application we can set up a training program convenient for us. No longer worry about changing the speed incline angle.

An additional advantage is the built-in speakers and the ability to connect MP3 player or other devices in order to listen to our favorite music during a workout. This solution guarantees more pleasant and effective training. In addition, the product has a USB socket enabling a user to charge a mobile during the workout.

Another advantage of the treadmill is its size, thanks to the folded rail it does not take up much space. The handrail is folded by itself after releasing the lock and a slight push. The lock is situated at the bottom of the treadmill so that you can comfortably release the lock by pressing it with a foot. LOOP14 can also be transported easily thanks to the mounted transport castors enabling vertical and horizontal moving without any special effort.

LOOP14 HMS is an ideal choice for everyone who wants to do aerobic training at home, at a small space.


  • Color: black & white
  • Power of the engine (HP): 2.5
  • Speed range (km/h): 1 ÷ 14
  • Incline angle: 0 ÷ 12
  • Dimensions of the running belt:
    • Length (mm): 1300
    • Width (mm): 480
  • Computer (measurements)
    • Time: yes
    • Distance: yes
    • Speed: yes
    • Pulse: yes
    • Calories: yes
  • Computer (additional equipment):
    • Bluetooth: yes
    • USB port: yes
    • MP3: yes
    • Speakers: yes
  • Additional equipment:
    • Rollers / castors: yes
  • Dimensions of the treadmill (unfolded):
    • Length (mm): 1455
    • Width (mm): 745
    • Height (mm): 1235
  • Can be folded?: yes
  • Dimensions (folded):
    • Length (mm): 1455
    • Width (mm): 745
    • Height (mm): 265
  • Computer (functions):
    • number of steps
    • inclination angle
    • support for mobile applications: yes / Fit Show
  • Max. user weight (kg): 120
  • Product weight (kg): 57