L8011 HMS L8011 HMS

L8011 HMS

L8011 HMS – multifunction fitness bench. It helps to introduce diversity into your workout, as well as to intensify the majority of standard exercises. It protects from injuries and ensures isolation of individual muscles.

It is a perfect starting point for most of popular exercises. In combination with other accessories such as the barbell stand or pulley, it makes up a versatile, body-building workout set.

Lying on the bench will guarantee you stability, balance and control over your body. It helps to correctly complete exercises, and at the same time ensures protection from injuries.

The bench is made of high quality steel. It is scratch- and corrosion-proof. The upholstery is covered with premium synthetic material which resists abrasion even during intensive workout. Backrest thickness is 67 mm, which provides for great comfort during training.

The bench comes with folding legs, which makes it easy to use. Plastic pads prevent its movement and protect the floor from scratches.

Technical Data

  • Length with plastic pads: 119.5 cm
  • Length without plastic pads: 114.5 cm
  • Backrest length: 113 cm
  • Backrest thickness: 67 mm
  • Backrest width: 27.5 cm
  • Width with plastic pads: 39.5 mm
  • Width without plastic pads: 32 cm
  • Height before unfolding: 18.5 cm
  • Height with plastic pads: 44 cm
  • Height without plastic pads: 43.5 cm


  • Material:steel,plastic
  • Folding legs
  • Plastic pads
  • Maximum load: 180kg
  • Product weight: 7,8 kg