Multifunctional pull up bench PWL9569 HMS is an amazing, multi-task device that is a must-have in your home gym. The combination of a multifunctional pull up bar and a bench allows to do the full workout at home.

A user has a bar for overhang training, push up bars, bench for weightlifting and a pull up bar that permits to do the exercises with different types of grips. The whole set guarantees that your training will activate all the dorsal muscles, arms, chest and abdomen.

It ensures safety because of its stable steel structure. Thanks to this construction all the exercises are fluid and comfortable.

The backrests and the armrests are filled with dense foam resistant to heavy weights. What is more, the bars are equipped with non-slip handles that provide comfort and stabilization. Thanks to this you can focus only on your exercise. We guarantee the best quality of used materials. Don’t worry about slipping or frictions. Nothing will disturb your workout.

Thanks to PWL9569 you can do, among others, the following exercises: crunches during overhang training or on the bench, push-ups on the bars, bench press (with a barbell) or dumbbell extension. Multifunctional pull up bench with HMS brand guarantees you a variable and complete training.


  • Strong, stable steel construction
  • Backrest, seat, headrest and armrests covered with artificial leather
  • Exercises:
    • different grips
    • crunches during overhang training or on the bench
    • pull-ups
    • push-ups with a bar
    • weightlifting
    • dumbbell extension
  • Bar for pull-ups
  • Bars for overhang training
  • Push-up bars
  • Bench for weightlifting
  • Regulation of height of pull up bars:
    • 3 levels of regulation
    • available heights: 2130, 2210, 2290 mm
  • Weight and dimensions of package:
    • lenght: 1360 mm
    • width: 530 mm
    • height: 190 mm
    • weight: 32.5 kg

Attention: the device does not include neither a bar nor the weights!

Technical data

  • Product dimensions:
    • length: 2050 mm
    • width: 1200 mm
    • height: 2290 mm
  • Dimensions of the backrest:
    • length: 435 mm
    • width: 240 mm
  • Dimensions of the armrests:
    • length: 285 mm
    • width: 100 mm
  • Dimensions of the bench:
    • length: 1160 mm
    • width: 285 mm
  • Dimensions of the backrest of the bench:
    • length: 790 mm
    • width: 285 mm
  • Dimensions of the headrest of the bench:
    • length: 160 mm
    • width: 265 mm
  • Height of bar holders: 1020 mm
  • Maximum load of the bench: 120 kg
  • Maximum load of the support: 100 kg
  • Product weight: 31.50 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 120 kg