CK HMS is a cast iron weight in the form of knuckle duster covered with neoprene – that is a reinvented classic of home gym. It unusual structure allows for sure hold and prevents the weight from slipping out of the hand. The use of top quality material combines with ergonomic shape to ensure high comfort of exercise. The tool is perfect for dynamic exercises performed independently at home. It can be used both by men for warm-up before strength workout, as well as by women for fitness training. It will also be useful for martial arts workout. Exercises with weights have positive impact on the muscles of arms, chest and back. They are perfect for fitness training, aerobics, general conditioning exercises. They can be useful for jogging and physical rehabilitation.


  • Inner material: cast iron
  • Outer material: neoprene
  • Available weights:
    • 0.5 kg
    • 1.0 kg
    • 1.5 kg
    • 2.0 kg