GK213 HMS PREMIUM is a shrug bar. It is characterized by a lot of handles and thus, a lot of possibilities to hold it during exercises.

Thanks to this solution you can engage the muscle in different ways in order to work and grow. Changing the way it is hold, from a wide to a narrow grip, makes a muscle stretches more or less during an exercise. In turn, the intermediate diagonal handle helps a user to activate all muscle attachments. The special layout of the handle makes the exercises comfortable.

Knurling prevents the bar from slipping out of your hands. Using GK213 one can exercise each muscle group and stimulate them in a way different from a standard simple bar.


  • Material: hardened chrome plated steel
  • Maximum load (kg): 450
  • Total length (mm): 2130
  • Hand grip diameter (mm): 30
  • Loudable sleeve lenght (mm): 380
  • Loudable sleeve diameter (mm): 50
  • Handle spacing (mm): 225, 508, 732
  • Handle: knurled