Gryf kratka HMS Gryf kratka HMS Gryf kratka HMS


GK86 HMS – tricep bar has a carefully knurled gripping part to provide a secure and comfortable grasp. Now you do not have to worry that a heavy bar slips from your hand during further repetitions.

To our tricep bar, you will get a pair of excellent screw clamps, absolutely free!

This type of clamps ensure that the load stays in its desired position all the time. The nuts have inner rubber gaskets, that prevent the load from loosening. Both ends of the bar are threaded so it is safe and easy to put on the load.

Tricep bar 86 cm HMS is made of full steel rod, which have undergone hardening process. It is a guarantee of top quality and durability. The diameter of the bar (25 mm) ensures high sturdiness of the product and comfort of the workout.

Chrome plating process guarantees that our bar will keep its individual design, gloss and color for years. In addition, chrome plating is the best protection against rust!


  • Material: hardened steel
  • Gripping part finishing: knurled
  • Corrosion protection: chrome
  • Clamps: star shaped
  • Number of clamps: 2 pieces

Technical data

  • Length of the grip part: 2 x 130 mm
  • Length of the thread: 2 x 220 mm
  • Length: 860 mm
  • Diameter: 25 mm
  • Weight: 7 kg