GR50 HMS are two durable chains to be fixed to the bar. The product is made of top quality steel.

Its practical and lasting mounting system on the barbell makes it a universal tool to be used in your home gym. It fits well both on Olympic bars and regular ones. It is recommended for everyone who wants to fully use the potential of weight training.

Individual links of each chain increase the barbell weight when they are lifted from the floor. The barbell weight reaches its maximum at the highest point of the lifting motion phase. When the barbell is lowered, the opposite situation takes place. The weight decreases proportionately to the length of the chain that is rested on the floor.

GR50 HMS chains have a positive impact on physiological processes that take place in muscles during exercise. It involves using postactivation potentiation (PAP) – muscle strength improves if the phase of their initial activation is followed by a maximum increase of the contraction strength. The use of chains for strength training additionally helps to improve agility.


  • Width of chain links: 9.5 cm
  • Length of chain links: 13.5 cm
  • Diametre of chain links: 28 mm
  • Total length: 2×157 cm
  • Clamp diametre: 51 mm
  • Weight: 2×25 kg