KR40 HMS is an adjustable kettlebell that is a perfect solution for those who do the workouts at home or outside. Thanks to the possibility of changing the plates it is not necessary to buy numerous items with different weights.

A great advantage of KR40 HMS is its ergonomic shape and comfortable, non-slip handle with powder painting. Thanks to these characteristics it guarantees safety and secure grip. Flat bottom ensures stable support.

A workout with adjustable kettlebell strengthens the muscles, develops movement coordination and improves general performance enhancement. Its great advantage is a possibility to do multi-joint exercises that activate the muscles that normally are excluded during weight trainings. They are important complement of workouts with regular weights.


  • Diameter of spherical part: 200 mm
  • Height of spherical part: 260 mm
  • Diameter of grip: 28 mm
  • Width of grip: 150 mm
  • Regulation: 6 plates
  • Maximum weight: 18 kg