SBP-20 HMS is a bar dedicated to Body Pump. Training of this type allows both burn unnecessary fat, but also reinforce and shape the muscles.

The set consists of the neck, 6 color plates covered with rubber coating and two terminals. The length of the bar is 140 cm and its diameter is 30 mm. It is made of durable chrome-plated steel, with increased resistance to wear.

A large advantage of the system is easy to load changes. The color plates depends on their mass. Their hexagonal shape prevents rolling of the barbell. The weight of the load varies depending on the degree of training, strength and shape exerciser.

SBP-20 unlimited possibilities! Training barbell is dedicated to anyone who wants to increase muscle strength endurance, burn fat and sculpt the silhouette. A large feature of the set advantage is the ease of said load change and the possibility of amplification of many muscle groups.


  • The set includes:
    • chrome bar with rubber coating
    • 2 spring collar
    • 2 plates – 5 kg – colour green
    • 2 plates – 2,25 kg – colour pink
    • 2 plates – 1,25 kg – colour blue
  • Dimensions (bar):
    • length: 1400 mm
    • dimeter: 30 mm
    • weight: 2 kg
  • Material: chrome steel and rubber
  • Product weight: 19 kg