SBP25 HMS – this body pump set is the ideal solution for both group and individual training. The set consists of a bar and 3 pairs of plates with different load and butterfly clamps.

The neck is made of high quality chromed steel, which ensures exceptional durability of the product. It is covered with foam, thanks to which it lies well in the hand and does not slip during exercise. The foam also protects against imprints and abrasions. The plates are made of 100% cast iron and covered with high-quality neoprene.

Thanks to the holders, the plates can also be used as a separate weights. The neoprene coating makes the surface of the weight soft which increases comfort while holding the plates in your hands. Another purpose of the coating is also to reduce the risk of surface damage, which is especially important when using at home.

The plates come in three colors where each color corresponds to a different amount of kilograms. The clamps attached to the set pressure them and allow to keep the plates in place regardless of the exercise performed.

SBP-25 HMS is the most optimal solution for body pump exercises and other activities using a barbell. It allows you to perform multi-joint exercises, such as squats or reproaches. High quality, maximum durability and a great look are the characteristic features of this set.


  • Barbell:
    • material: chrome-plated steel
    • handle: non-slip foam
    • overall length: 1310 mm
    • the length of the foam on the neck: 880 mm
    • the diameter of the foam on the neck: 35 mm
    • diameter of the clamps: 28 mm
    • weight: 2.5 kg


  • Plates
    • material: rubber, cement mix
    • diameter of the central hole: 31 mm
    • weight/ outer diameter/ thickness
      • 2 x 1.25 kg / 155 mm / 25 mm
      • 2 x 2.50 kg / 160 mm / 30 mm
      • 2 x 5.00 kg / 200 mm / 35 mm
    • Clamps: butterfly (2 pcs)
    • Total weight of the barbell 20KG (+/- 300g)