A barbell and dumbbells with replaceable loads are classic and, at the same time, a must have for every home gym.
The HMS brand comes with an ideal solution. SGSP60, a set of two composite dumbbells and a barbell along with a load.
Cement filling and high quality plastic on the outer layer warrant high durability of the product. Butterfly clamps, and in the case of dumbbells – star shape ones, and the perfectly matched diameter of the plate holes make it easier to change the load quickly and to ensure robust position on the bar.
The set includes: two small and one large bars, two butterfly and four star clamps, and total number of 16 load plates.
Due to such a set you can perform total body workout.
The product is suitable for both, advanced users and beginners.


  • Material: cement, PE
  • Number of barbells: 1x long / 2x short
  • Barbell length (mm): 1400 / 450
  • Barbell diameter (mm): 25.4
  • Number of loads in the set: 6x 1.25 kg / 4x 2.5 kg / 4x 5 kg / 2x 10 kg
  • Load diameter (mm): 200 / 235 / 275 / 360
  • Load thickness (mm): 33 / 38 / 48 / 58
  • Handle: foamed, knurled
  • Bar clamps: 4x star shaped nut, 2x spring clamp